'Despite Left..Agriculture Flourishing Here'

MK Ayelet Shaked visits the village of Susya in the Southern Hevron Hills Sunday morning.

Orli Harari, Cynthia Blank ,

שקד הבוקר בסוסיא
שקד הבוקר בסוסיא

Jewish Home Party Knesset Member, Ayelet Shaked, held a holiday tour in Susya Sunday morning, on the occasion of Sukkot.

Susya is the site of an ancient Jewish village in the southern Judaean Mountains, which was established as a community under the jurisdiction of the Har Hevron (Hebron) Regional Council in 1983. 

During her tour of the ancient village and current community, she visited the dairy farm, a bustling winery, and the archaeological site. 

"I'm happy to see Hebrew agriculture in Har Hevron," Shaked said. "Despite the difficulties, bureaucrats and leftist chatter, agriculture is growing and thriving here. I highly recommend visiting Susya during Chol HaMoed (intermediary days of Sukkot). There are many activities and attractions for a family. 

She added: "The ancient synagogue in Susya, which dates to the period of the Talmud (4th-7th centuries CE) is one of four synagogues located in the Southern Hevron Hills. The other are in Samu, Ma'on, and Yatir." 

"They symbolize the connection between the new communities and the ancient settlements."