Embattled Ex-Leftist Vents Fury in Knesset Debate

Sheffi Paz was a member of Meretz for 40 years. 'Now I won't go near you hypocrites,' she says in Knesset debate. Find out why.

Gil Ronen ,

Sheffi Paz
Sheffi Paz

Sheffi Paz, a resident of a southern Tel Aviv working class neighborhood, was a member of the ultraleftist Meretz party for 40 years. ''Now I won't go near you,” she told Meretz MKs in a heated debate following the High Court decision to strike down the Infiltrators Law.

Meretz supports the decision, which makes it impossible to continue sending infiltrators out of the working class neighborhoods, where they have settled, and into detention facilities, in order to begin repatriating them. Crime rates in the neighborhoods have skyrocketed since they were flooded by the illegal work immigrants, most of whom came from Sudan and Eritrea. The decision has left residents of southern Tel Aviv furious.

The discussion was held in the Committee for the Interior under Likud MK Miri Regev, with the participation of Meretz MKs Michal Rosin and Tamar Zandberg, who can be seen in the accompanying video to the left of Paz, with Labor's Nachman Shai between them.