Confused by Charity? There's a Guide for That

Philanthropy 101 guide to provide guidelines for donating money to charity - where, when, and how.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Charity box (illustrative)
Charity box (illustrative)

Charity, or tzedakah, is a cornerstone of Jewish life and humanitarianism alike. According to a Jewish Daily Forward investigation earlier this year, the American Jewish community alone donates $26 billion dollars per year to philanthropic causes. 

But many potential donators face confusion over where to give, how to give, and even how much to give - or what philanthropic causes to support. 

On Monday, the Jewish Funding Network released a "philanthropy guide" to combat confusion - and help provide aid where it is needed most.

“More people want to make philanthropy part of their lives, but quickly learn that can be a lot easier said than done if you want to do it right,” said Andrés Spokoiny, JFN President and CEO. “We wanted to outline some of the basics so funders can get discussions started with family members, along with their legal and financial advisors, about what approaches to philanthropy might be the best fit.”

The guide, entitled Philanthropy 101, will be featured on the JFN's website. 

It will include "key components behind such philanthropic tools as starting a foundation, how a donor-advised fund works, and giving circles," the organization stated - as well as how and where to give money in Israel, whether to give anonymously, and on "philanthropic strategy." 

“We want to match up our members’ passion to give well with the information they need to accomplish that,” Spokoiny said. “A big part of what JFN does is to help make giving informed by Jewish values more impactful and meaningful. That’s why even seasoned funders will find this resource useful."

"When it comes to philanthropy you can’t know too much.”