Watch: Moroccan Soccer Fans Chant Pro-ISIS Slogans

Fans miss the irony of supporting 'jihad' and the brutal 'Islamic State' group which opposes 'western' sports - like soccer.

Ari Soffer ,

Islamic State supporters in Tabqa, Syria
Islamic State supporters in Tabqa, Syria

Footage uploaded to the internet recently shows a crowd of Moroccan soccer fans chanting slogans supporting the brutal "Islamic State" terrorist group, also known as ISIS.

The footage - believed to have been taken on Monday in Casablanca, and translated by MEMRI - shows "Ultras", or hard-core supporters of Raja Club Athletic giving a very vocal tribute of support to the jihadi group.

Chants ranged from simply "ISIS, ISIS" to "Allahu Akbar, let's go on jihad!"

Although many Muslims throughout the world have condemned ISIS's bloody rampage through Iraq and Syria, the group's slick PR campaign has helped it draw support from Islamists the world over. A very large number of the group's foreign fighters come from northern African countries, including Morocco.

However, support for ISIS by a group of football fanatics is rather ironic: under the austere interpretation of Islamic law (Sharia) implemented by the Islamic State's self-proclaimed Caliphate, "western" sports such as soccer are strictly forbidden, much as they were under Taliban rule and still are in other Islamist-controlled areas such as in Somalia.

What's more, under the Islamic State's rule it is strictly forbidden to use the term "Daesh" (Arabic for ISIS), which is deemed derogatory.