More Israeli Men Working in August than Ever

Mixed news as more men working, even as unemployment rises to 6.4% in August during Operation Protective Edge.

Moshe Cohen,

Unemployment office (file)
Unemployment office (file)
Flash 90

Unemployment was up in August during Operation Protective Edge, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Monday - the unemployment rate was 6.4% in August, up from 6.2% in July.

However, there was some good news: the number of Israeli men participating in the workforce hit an all-time high in August.

Among men 25-64 years old, 84.5% were either working or actively looking for work, up from 83.9% in July. The number of women participating in the workforce dropped slightly in August, from 74.4% to 74.3%.

Overall, 79.3% of all Israelis 25-64 years of age were either working or actively looking for work.

A total of 3,546,000 Israelis worked in August, 0.1% less than worked in July.

Among those working, 16,000 fewer people were employed full time (35 hours a month or more), with the full-time employment rate slipping 0.6% in August from July.

However, 23,000 more people were working part-time, up to 35 hours a week, with that figure rising 3% over the number in July. Economists said that the change was in line with seasonal patterns, and that the fall and winter months would see more full-time workers getting jobs.