Iran Arrests Man for Sabotaging Nuclear Plant

Ukrainian 'expert' arrested over alleged sabotage attempt at Bushehr nuclear plant.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bushehr nuclear reactor
Bushehr nuclear reactor

Iranian authorities say they have arrested a man suspected of attempting to sabotage the Bushehr nuclear power plant.

The man is a Ukrainian national who worked as an "expert" together with Russian contractors at the site, according to AP, quotin Iranian daily Hamshahri.

He has not yet been named, and details surrounding his alleged "sabotage" have not been published either.

Asghar Zarean, deputy head of Iran's nuclear department in charge of security, also accused Sandia National Laboratories, a New Mexico-based subsidiary of defense contractor Lockheed Martin, of manipulating parts destined for Iran's nuclear plants, according to Hamshahri.

The Bushehr nuclear power plant went active in 2011 with Russian aid.

It comes after US and Iranian officials on Friday met for a second day of negotiations in Switzerland as they work towards hammering out a full nuclear deal ahead of a November deadline.

There has been no word of progress in the latest talks so far, but EU and US officials did announce Thursday that broader talks would be held on September 18 in New York between Iran and the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany, and would be led by European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

That will mark the first meeting of the so-called P5+1 and Iran since they failed to meet a July 20 deadline for implementing a comprehensive and complex deal on curbing Tehran's enrichment capabilities and number of centrifuges.

The deadline has been pushed forward to November 24.

Israel’s Minister of Intelligence, Yuval Steinitz, warned this week that Iran “is closer than ever to nuclear capabilities”.

"What we see today is a very troubling picture. While Iran has agreed to several small concession, on all the issues touching the heart of the (nuclear) program, like uranium enrichment in the centrifuges, Iran hasn't agreed to budge even a millimeter," said Steinitz, who will head an Israeli delegation to Washington DC next week to petition U.S. officials to take stronger stance in renewed talks between major world powers and Iran.

"We oppose not only the possibility that Iran will be a nuclear-armed military state, but also to the very possibility that Iran will be a nuclear-threshold state," continued Steinitz.