Netanyahu Calls UN to Investigate Hamas

Speaking before naval cadets, PM Netanyahu says the IDF is the most moral army in the world.

Hezki Baruch ,

Netanyahu at Navy graduation
Netanyahu at Navy graduation
Haim Zach/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday once again slammed the United Nations over its decision to probe Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Speaking before naval cadets who graduated from an officers’ course, Netanyahu praised the IDF as being the most moral military in the world.

“Operation Protective Edge once again proved that there is no power that can stand against our unity and our determination. We dealt Hamas the hardest blow since its inception,” he said

"All of you IDF soldiers are part of the most moral army in the world, and we will stand against any attempts of hypocritical organizations to criticize you. If the UN wants to set up a commission of inquiry - let them investigate Hamas’s war crimes instead of the Israeli soldiers who behaved in an exemplary manner," added Netanyahu, in comments similar to those he made Monday during a meeting with two U.S. Congress members.

“In order to show you how big the achievements of the IDF and the Shin Bet and other security forces were against Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, it is important to know that the fighting power of the Islamic State is half of that of the organizations in Gaza, and still the world's great powers estimate it will take years to fight [the Islamic State],” said the Prime Minister.

Referring to the goings on near the border with Syria, where fighting between rebels and Syrian forces has spilled over into Israel, Netanyahu declared that Israel was ready to act whenever and wherever it is threatened.

"We are monitoring Al-Qaeda’s operations along the Lebanese border, along our border in the Golan Heights, and we are also monitoring other fronts. The IDF is prepared for any scenario and is prepared to act against any threat, everywhere. This preparation is based on the spirit and bravery of our soldiers,” he said,