Soldier Makes 'Surprising' Recovery from Injuries

Serious leg, hand wounds no match for brave IDF soldier who has breezed through Soroka's ICU.

Uzi Baruch ,

דן דניאל פיש
דן דניאל פיש
צילום: רחל דוד, סורוקה

Daniel Fish, a soldier in the elite Magellan unit, has made a miraculous recovery, doctors say.

Fish was evacuated from Gaza to Be'er Sheva's Soroka Medical Center in late July, after he was wounded in a bombing attack which killed three friends. 

He faced critical injuries and was transferred to Soroka's Trauma unit in a state of deep shock and with serious injuries to his legs and right hand. 

After his condition stabilized, he was transferred from the operating theater to the inpatient Intensive Care Unit (ICU) while he was sedated. 

Ten days later, Daniel regained consciousness and his condition had significantly improved. He began breathing on his own and was transferred to the orthopedic ward for further treatment.

Dr. Victor Ginzburg and Dr. George Greenberg, Vascular Surgery specialists, rerouted blood through Daniel's healthy veins to help repair his injured legs; they later reconstructed his knees as well. 

Dr. Amir Korngreen, director of orthopedic trauma unit at Soroka, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the treatment.  

"He came to us in a difficult situation, where the blood vessels in both legs were completely torn at the knee and the palm of the right hand was mangled," Dr. Korngreen said. "Daniel underwent several operations carried out by experts in many fields - hematology, plastic surgery, and orthopedics. "

Dr. Amit Frankel, a senior physician general intensive care unit at Soroka, said that the recovery was surprisingly swift.

"Daniel surprised us by how fast he recovered from his serious injuries," Dr. Frankel said. "He is still expected to undergo a long rehabilitation process, but without a doubt he has overcome the main struggle." 

Daniel returned home yesterday, after giving a special "thank you" to the orthopedic ward and ICU staff.