Police on High Alert After Hamas Breaches Truce

Rocket fire, calls for terror war prompt emergency deployment of thousands of police officers.

Benny Moshe , | updated: 4:56 PM

Com. Yohanan Danino
Com. Yohanan Danino

Police Comissioner Yohanan Danino has ramped up police presence throughout Israel to full force Wednesday, in light of increased rocket fire on the South and Hamas's breaching of a temporary truce. 

Thousands of police deployed across the country will continue to work to maintain public safety and public order, Danino said.

"The deployment will be adjusted according to new developments," he said. "The Israel police is prepared for any possible scenario." 

At least 90 rockets were fired since Hamas violated a six-day ceasefire Tuesday evening; the IDF conducted airstrikes on 80 terror targets throughout Gaza in retaliation. 

Danino's declaration surfaces as Hamas and Fatah have both issued calls for their followers to attack Israeli civilians and security forces in Judea and Samaria, as well as throughout Israel, in solidarity with Gazan terrorists.

Earlier Wednesday, a stabbing attack was thwarted in Samaria, at a checkpoint near Shechem (Nablus).