MK Pushes to Make Oslo Accords 'National Tragedy'

Shas MK Eli Yishai, head of Home Front Committee, says Oslo Accords enabled Hamas to become stronger.

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Eli Yishai
MK Eli Yishai
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Home Front Preparedness Committee Chairman MK Eli Yishai (Shas) called to officially recognize the Oslo Accords as a national tragedy on Tuesday, during a discussion on the foiled Hamas coup in Judea-Samaria.

"The fact that we barely walked away from the expansion of Hamastan to areas of Judea and Samaria [now] controlled by [Palestinian Authority Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas - every citizen must lose sleep over it," Yishai said. "Every attempt to support a Palestinian unity government will eventually be proven wrong in the face of reality." 

"The time has come for the State of Israel to recognize the Oslo [Accords] as a national tragedy," Yishai continued. "For the citizens of Israel there is no difference between Hamas, Hezbollah and IS [ISIS]. These are three terrorist groups who want to see the end of Israel, and the Oslo Accords served and [continue to] serve this vision."

The Oslo Accords allowed the PLO terrorist organization to establish an armed presence in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and form the Palestinian Authority (PA). Intifada terror wars following the accords costs thousands of Israeli lives.

Since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993, attempts have been made revitalize the peace process in its various incarnations, by working with several international organizations and amid increasing pressure on Israel. 

On Monday, it was cleared for publication that the Hamas headquarters in Turkey ordered a large-scale coup of Mahmoud Abbas's PA government by destabilizing the political and security situation through a series of terror attacks on Israelis. 

Ninety-three (93) terrorists were arrested in an IDF/ISA (Israeli Security Agency) counter-terror operation and large weapons caches and funds were seized. 

The discovery calls into question the claim by several leftist MKs - as well as most of the international community, including the UNEU, and even the US - that the PA's "government of technocrats" was impervious to Hamas terror. 

By contrast, several nationalist politicians - including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu himself - predicted that the unity pact would lead to a Hamas takeover in Judea and Samaria.