US MDA Raises $8 Million for Israel Emergency Aid

American Magen David Adom meets the challenge of rescue services in wartime.

Rochel Sylvetsky ,

Magen David Adom ambulance
Magen David Adom ambulance

A high level figure in US Magen David Adom who came to see how for himself how the organization is meeting the challenges of Operation Protective Edge has told Arutz Sheva that since the start of the war,  the organization has raised over $8 million for Israel's war-caused emergency needs.

The cost of emergency services and other war-related expenses have skyrocketed as the war goes on and the money will allow for much-needed ambulances, blood and medication, equipment, gasoline, uniforms – whatever is in need of being augmented. Israel's MDA is arranging blood donations and coordinating all its other work from a central computerized location.

The MDA executive, asking to remain anonymous, said: "With a war going on, Jewish hearts all over the world are here with you. At least, we say to ourselves, we can participate somewhat in this way."

He added that when speaking to US groups, he will repeat the sentence an MDA person in Israel said to him about the MDA-Israel partnership: "We ask you Americans to give dollars and we attempt to save lives with them".

One of the pleasant surprises on the trip was at the Be'er Sheva MDA station, when an old friend's son came over and said he is a volunteer ambulance driver who lives in Hashmonaim – and never losing an opportunity, mentioned that the town needs an ambulance. "We'll try to do that as well", the executive said to Arutz Sheva.

MDA, he revealed, is not only here for the war effort and for providing emergency services during periods of less tension. It is looking towards the future and planning a $100 million blood service center to be located in Ramle, with state of the art technology and services for Israel's growing population.

"We can do it," he said. "After all, the American Rabbi, Abba Hillel Silver, said in the years before the state, that most people cannot understand how we Jews accomplish what we do without a land of our own when we suffer so much.  And I say if we did so much when we didn't have our land, imagine what we can do in a land of our own. Israel has been a light to the world and we will continue to be."