Clashes Erupt on Temple Mount; Twelve Arrested

Rioters place roadblocks outside Rambam gate to prevent reinforcements from arriving; clashes end after police restrict access.

Shlomo Pitrikovsky , | updated: 9:31 AM

Arab rioter on Temple Mount (file)
Arab rioter on Temple Mount (file)
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Five policemen were injured during clashes between masked Arabs and security forces on the Temple Mount Sunday, after police opened the Rambam (Mughrabi) Gate to visitors. 

The rioters began throwing rocks and firing firecrackers at police, erupting in clashes on the Temple Mount as police called for reinforcements. 

Israel Police and Border Police staff were delayed by pre-placed roadblocks leading up to the Mount; eventually, both managed to remove the roadblocks, and closed access to Al-Aqsa mosque, which ended the clashes. 

Police in Jerusalem and Border Police officers arrested twelve suspects overnight Sunday/Monday over involvement in anti-Israel rioting throughout the capital city. 

Meanwhile, police announced Monday that 430 people have been arrested in a thirty-day period over offenses related to Arab rioting in Jerusalem in June and July.