Watch: Hamas Activists Attack Reporter in Miami

Hamas activists make clear threats against Jewish reporter in incident virtually uncovered by mainstream media.

Tova Dvorin ,

Pro-Palestinian protestor praying to Allah. F
Pro-Palestinian protestor praying to Allah. F

A Jewish reporter was verbally and physically assaulted on July 20, according to video footage provided by The United West, after Hamas "activists" protesting Israel's self-defense operation in Gaza threatened him and "all Israelis" with death. 

Warning: the footage below contains harsh language

Pro-palestinian demonstrators single out the reporter for ridicule, accusing him of "filming them for pro-Israel websites" and saying, "see, he has the scarf around his neck, so he can kind of blend in."

"Just to let everyone know, he's not one of us," one of the activists says. Several began physically pushing away the camera.

Tensions flare as one of the protestors says, repeatedly, "I don't care, I'm going to jail" - and then raises a hand with pen aimed at the cameraman, in a stabbing motion (highlighted at 3:07). 

Another gives a series of obscene hand gestures, and says, "I'm going to kill you, [expletive]. You and all Israelis, too." 

The video ends with shots of the same protestors yelling pro-Jihad slogans on Miami streets - and an epilogue noting the reporter filed criminal assault and battery charges with the Miami police over the incident. 

The tussle seems to have been virtually ignored by the mainstream media, despite the violent outburst and a growing wave of anti-Semitic violence - specifically in the Miami area. 

Just days later, pro-Palestinian criminals would graffiti the Torah V'Emunah synagogue in Miami beach, with "HAMAS" and swastikas tagged in blood-red spray paint.