B'nei Akiva to Fete Airline Staff

To show Israel's appreciation for their 'bravery under fire,' B'nei Akiva members will welcome airline staff arriving at Ben Gurion Airport.

Yaakov Levi ,

Ben Gurion Airport
Ben Gurion Airport
Flash 90

Students from abroad who are in Israel as part of B'nei Akiva's Hachshara program will visit Ben Gurion Airport Monday in order to welcome the staff arriving on foreign airlines, to show Israelis' appreciation for their decision to fly to Israel, which shows “bravery under fire,” the students said.

Last week, the United States and European Union both suspended flights to Israel for nearly two days, after a Hamas rocket exploded in Yehud, several kilometers away from Ben Gurion Airport. Israeli officials explained that the airport was safe, but panicked airline officials canceled hundreds of flights, which were restored only over the weekend.

Although flights are back on, many passengers from the US and Europe have canceled planned flights, and many flight staff set to work on flights to Israel have asked for alternative assignments. Those who have not, said B'nei Akiva students, were “heroes” who were supporting Israel during a difficult period, and deserved appreciation.

The students will present flight staff with flowers and chocolate, B'nei Akiva said.