‘Miracle’ Recovery for Samaria Attack Victim

Yeshiva student who was seriously wounded in terrorist shooting is on the mend.

Maayana Miskin ,

Site of a shooting attack (file).
Site of a shooting attack (file).
David Wilder

23-year-old David Rast has made a “miraculous” recovery after being shot in a terrorist attack late on Monday night.

Rast, a yeshiva student and former soldier, was returning to his family’s home in the Samaria town of Yakir when he was shot by a terrorist seated in a passing car.

Rast was seriously injured in the attack. However, he is now conscious and in stable condition following surgery.

His father, Yehuda, told the NRG website that he does not believe the terrorist attack was connected to Operation Protective Edge, the IDF’s ongoing counter-terror operation in Gaza. “Whoever connects the two is apparently looking for excuses,” he said. “In Samaria, where I’ve been living for 30 years, there have always been terrorist attacks.

“Just last week they threw rocks at a different person from our town, not far from where my son was shot. And that’s without mentioning the murderers of the three kidnapped boys, who are apparently wandering around freely,” he added.

In what Yehuda termed “a big miracle,” David did not suffer damage to a vital organ in the attack.