Shleimus Haaretz Show

Second installment of Chabad podcasts discussing the Lubavitcher Rebbe's legacy for Israel.

Reuven Flamer ,

The Iron Dome intercepts a Hamas-fired missil
The Iron Dome intercepts a Hamas-fired missil
The Lubavitcher Rebbe said: Israel is the safest place on earth Join in discussing the Rebbe's Shleimus HaAretz Peace Plan for Israel.

The Arabs have learned that through terror they can win concessions, that Israelis are willing to sacrifice their security bit by bit to win temporary calm. And so the pattern continues. From time to time there is an ebb, but never a cessation. First Arab demands, then Arab terror, then escalation of the demands and finally Israeli concessions.

Today hundreds of missiles have been launched from the Gaza strip, and meanwhile the collective world voice demands that Israel halt its defensive measures to protect Jewish (and non- Jewish) citizen’s lives.

But the most insidious of pressures is that which comes from within – the strain of doubt and worry that can be more corrosive than outside disapproval and condemnation.For decades, the Lubavitcher Rebbe inspired the Jewish people to maintain their pride and confront the turmoil of the political arena, to waive away enemy threats by relying on basic Torah principles and law.

The Rebbe went as far to say that Israel is the safest place on earth. There is no room for fear or running away.

Do these words still stand true! Our guest emphatically exclaims "YES."