Attorneys for Suspects Have Yet to Meet Clients

Attorneys for the six suspects in the murder of Mohammed Abu Khder demanded that police allow them to meet their clients.

Yaakov Levi ,

Murdered: Mohammed Abu-Khder
Murdered: Mohammed Abu-Khder

Attorneys for the suspects in custody on suspicion of being involved in the murder of Mohammed Abu Khder are demanding that they be allowed to meet their clients. Police have barred the attorneys from meeting with the suspects while they complete their investigation.

Police on Monday said that three of the six suspects arrested over the murder of Arab teen Mohammed Abu-Khder have admitted to the crime, and have even reenacted it for police.

The development came after one of the suspects admitted to the murder soon after being arrested on Sunday. After confessing he also apparently implicated several others, which seems to have led to the latest confessions.

Remand of five of the six suspects has been extended for eight days, and the sixth's remand has been extended for five more days, to allow police to continue with their inquiries.

The six suspects are being represented by the Honenu rights organization, which often represents suspects in alleged “price tag” and other incidents.

At a press conference Sunday, Honenu attorney Uri Keinan said he was still learning details of the investigation. “At this stage we cannot discuss the details of the investigation, considering the fact that we have not even met the clients yet.”

However, he said that he had no doubt that his clients were innocent.

“At the end of the investigation we are sure that our clients will be proven to have had no connection tot the incident whatsoever and will be free to go,” he said.

Working with Keinan will be attorney Adi Keidar.

“We are still learning the details of the case,” he said. “From what we understand the police and Israel Security Service (Shabak) are having difficulty connecting the suspects with this specific incident."

"I am very hopeful that the other lines of investigation that have been raised will be pursued as well," he continued. "If my clients are found not to have any connection to this incident the authorities will have to explain to them and their families why they were arrested in the first place.”