Ariel in Sderot: The Time to Take Action is Now

Housing Minister visits the city of Sderot after rocket barrage, calls for action against Hamas immediately.

Hezki Baruch and Elad Benari ,

Minister Ariel in Sderot
Minister Ariel in Sderot
Sasson Tiram

Housing Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) visited the city of Sderot on Thursday, hours after a barrage of rockets from Gaza hit the city, one of which exploded near a building and caused it damage.

On Thursday morning, a Kassam rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza hit a summer day camp in the city, moments before children were set to arrive.

"At this time when [terrorists] are trying to harm civilians in Sderot, we should follow the rule known as 'kill those who come to kill you,'" said Ariel, who called for action against Hamas immediately - not after a tragedy occurs.

"We just have to act against the enemy and against terrorism," he stressed, adding that he will work to strengthen the city of Sderot.

"We're going to market another 100 housing units in the coming months and continue to strengthen the city in different ways,” said Ariel.

"Unfortunately we are delayed because of a lack of a budget for further protection in Sderot and the area," he added. "I hope the funds are released soon and we can continue to work and provide protection for the excellent citizens who live in this city and the region.”

Around 100 residents of Sderot protested at the entrance to the city earlier Thursday, in response to the rapidly deteriorating security situation.

Protesters bore signs reading "destroy the Hamas regime in Gaza," "let the IDF win," and "kill first the one who comes to kill you," a precept of the Jewish sages. They called on the government to launch a wide-ranging military mission in Gaza to cease the constant rocket fire.