Saudi Scholar: Mickey Mouse Part of 'Jewish Plot'

A Saudi scholar claims that children's show characters are part of a "Jewish-Zionist conspiracy".

Elad Benari ,

Part of a Jewish conspiracy? Sesame Street ch
Part of a Jewish conspiracy? Sesame Street ch

A Saudi scholar, Nabil Hammad, recently claimed in a television interview that there is a “Jewish-Zionist conspiracy to destroy the moral values of humanity.”

Hammad claimed that characters on children's shows, like Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street, were invented to advance these schemes. The interview aired on May 15 on the Iqraa TV channel and was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“A normal child, who has been watching TV from the age of two, has been assaulted by all kinds of films. How did the ‘sagging’ pants fashion ever emerge? The men wear their pants so low that their private parts are exposed. This fashion originated on the Cartoon Network channel. The Cartoon Network aired a film showing the longest spit. What kind of education do we provide? It is not only the future generations of the Islamic world that are destroyed – the moral values of humanity are destroyed,” Hammad claimed.

He continued, “When I worked as an instructor for the Saudi Airlines, I had a colleague named Duncan. He told me that he does not allow his children to watch Sesame Street. I found it strange. The show is very popular here. He said that Sesame Street peddles moral values that are inappropriate to civilized society.”

“Take, for example, the character of Oscar the Grouch, who lives in a garbage can,” said Hammad.

“Duncan said that he is a loathsome character, and he wouldn't want him to serve as a role model for his children. Another example is the character of Cookie Monster. He eats like a slob. Even people raised on British culture oppose what is shown in the media, which destroys people's moral values,” he added.

“To this very day,” Hammad said, “I have Jewish and Christian friends there. I am not talking only about Muslims. There are moral people living there who are aware of this conspiracy to destroy humanity and its moral values. The Zionists are behind this conspiracy. There are two kinds of Zionists: Protestant Zionists and Jewish Zionists.”

“All the global film companies – note that I say ‘all’ not ‘most’… All the global film companies are owned by Jews: the Fox company, Universal Studios, the well-known Paramount, Columbia, with the lady holding the torch, Warner Brothers, a major producer of children's films, Disney… Walt Disney himself wasn't Jewish, but the Walt Disney TV productions company is owned by well-known Zionist Jews. The Paramount company… All the animated films…,” he claimed.

MEMRI recently exposed an Egyptian television report which claimed that “The Simpsons” was devised by Jewish lobbies and think tanks and financed by Rupert Murdoch.

That claim came after the same Egyptian television channel claimed  that an episode of the popular show proved that the United States had conspired to cause the Arab Spring revolutions.