Shechem Arabs Nearly Lynch Man Wearing High Heels

Shechem is one of the most conservative Arab cities, as evidenced by the case of the 'cross-dresser' who wandered into town.

Moshe Cohen ,

PA protesters in Shechem (archive)
PA protesters in Shechem (archive)

Arabs in Shechem surrounded and attacked a young man dressed in what local residents said was a “provocative outfit.” Palestinian police intervened before a riot developed, dropping the man out of the city limits.

According to witnesses, the man, said to be an Israeli Arab, was wearing what they called a “woman's outfit,” complete with high-heel shoes. A group of women surrounded him, demanding that he leave the city, but he continued on his way, walking toward's the town center.

After a few minutes, hundreds of young residents of Shechem surrounded the visitor, shouting curses and epithets and threatening to kill him. At one point, a group of youths approached him and started hitting him, saying that they had to “destroy his kind before they start multiplying.”

By this time, Palestinian Police arrived on the scene. They surrounded the visitor, warding off rioters, who were fuming with anger at what they said was “an affront to the honor and dignity of Arab men.” The visitor was taken to a police station, and from there hurtled away to a road outside the city – where he was dropped off, along with orders to stay out of Shechem.

According to city officials, “residents of Shechem are not used to this kind of behavior, which is shameful. This individual does not represent Palestinian society, but himself. He was very inconsiderate of the feelings of local residents.”