Ramat Shlomo Residents Reveal Details of Attack

Victims of Saturday shooting lament long response time, as questions about under-reported attack linger.

Hezki Baruch and Tova Dvorin ,


Gad Zerbiv, a resident of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo, revealed in an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva on Sunday new details about Saturday's under-reported shooting incident. 

A group of teenagers sitting in a Ramat Shlomo park called police early Saturday after shots were fired at them at close range; police found twelve bullets. 

Zerbiv, who was at the scene, said that the shots were horrifying. 

"We sat here after [Shabbat] dinner on Saturday, and at about 2 am, we were ready to go home," Zerbiv said. "Suddenly, we heard shots - and until we could understand fully what was happening, we heard two more shots. One hit the playground slide and one grazed the air above our heads." 

"We started shouting 'terrorist!'" he added. "We heard 9-10 more shots and fled home." 

Zerbiv lamented the long lag between the emergency call and security forces taking actions. 

"It took twenty minutes until security forces reached us," he said. "The hand of God saved us, it could ended differently." 

Earlier reports to hareidi news sites noted up to 13 shots fired, including some automatic weapons fire. Police - once they did respond - arrived in large forces, including Yasam and Yamam SWAT forces, and a police helicopter was also deployed. Police presence was felt throughout the Sabbath.

The incident made headlines after it was revealed that few - if any - Israeli news sites reported on the incident, with only several hareidi outlets - as well as Arutz Sheva and Ma'ariv/NRG - reporting the attack, to the exclusion of several major news agencies.