'All The Winds in The World' Won't Move Israel

Singer Aharon Razel releases a powerful new single entitled 'All the Winds in the World.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aharon Razel 'All the Winds in the World'
Aharon Razel 'All the Winds in the World'
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Religious singer Aharon Razel has released a moving new single entitled "Kol ha'Ruhot Shebaolam" ("All the Winds in the World").

Razel enjoys a large following for his moving music, which integrates religious themes and heartfelt rhythms. His previous album "I Set my Place Here In the Beit Hamidrash (Jewish Study Hall)" was received warmly and widely, and now he is on the way to a new album.

Speaking about the new single, Razel noted it was born "in a very well known yeshiva camp. Somewhere, in some educational institute that went on vacation, somewhere between one and four in the morning...I started singing this song while joining the group singing and dancing, until the sun rose and 'All the Winds' was born."

The song's refrain calls out "even if all the winds in the world would come and blow on us, they wouldn't move us from here!" Razel's brother Yonatan won song of the year with his hit "Katonti" in the ACUM Israeli Music Awards ceremony for 2013.