Phone Thief Shares Selfies With Victim

Robbery victim takes to social media to find bungling robber who shared selfies of himself - after forgetting to delete her Dropbox account.

Ari Soffer ,

Say cheese! The bungling criminal
Say cheese! The bungling criminal
Tali Osen

Having your phone stolen is always a harrowing experience.

Even if it is insured, the very idea of your private details and other important information in the hands of a criminal is hardly a comforting thought - particularly when the chances of you getting it back are slim-to-naught. Most electronics thieves usually sell their stolen gear as quickly as possible, and from there, it's practically impossible to track.

So imagine Tali Osen's surprise when, not long after her phone was stolen, she found the thief's pictures uploaded on to her Dropbox file-sharing account.

The less-than-intelligent criminal had decided to keep her phone for himself and was already happily snapping away, taking perfectly-clear selfies of himself in various locations apparently in Jerusalem - but had neglected to delete her Dropbox account, which was linked to her camera.

Osen, who made Aliyah from the UK and lives in Tel Aviv, took to Facebook to appeal for help tracking down the hapless criminal.

"This man stole my phone but didn't have the intelligence to delete my dropbox account so I'm posting here on the off chance anybody recognises this selfie taking b****** so my poor phone can maybe return to it's rightful owner!! Please share :)", she posted, in a status which was widely shared on social media.

So we have:


Anyone who does know the man's identity is encouraged to put him out of his misery and report him to the police.