Belgian Police 'Have Leads' in Shooting Case

Rabbi Margolin of RCE says there are some clear directions in the investigation of Brussels terror attack.

Gil Ronen ,

Gunman firing at victims.
Gunman firing at victims.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Head of the Rabbinical Center for Europe (RCE), said Monday morning that Belgian police have some leads in the investigation of the terror attack on a Brussels Jewish museum that killed four.

"The police possess all kinds of details that can lead ot the suspect,” Rabbi Margolin said on IDF Radio, “There are several clear directions to the investigation, but he still hasn't been caught,” he noted, warning that the fact the killed was on the loose was a clear danger to the public.

“This could cause additional victims,” he said.

An Israeli tourist couple and a French woman died from gunshots to the face and neck after a man apparently acting alone fired two successive rounds into the museum on Saturday afternoon before escaping minutes later on foot.

A fourth victim, a Belgian who did volunteer work for the museum, was critically wounded and later pronounced dead.