'Evolution of Jews' in Arab Technion Student Work

A female Arab student added Jew-hating imagery to an 'architectural intervention' project.

Gil Ronen ,

אומנות אנטישמית
אומנות אנטישמית
מתוך הפייסבוק

Arutz Sheva exclusive: A Jewish female student at the Technion in Haifa was shocked and pained, a few days ago, when her class visited an architecture class, in order to view submissions for an “architectural intervention” project intended for a neighborhood in Haifa.

The project contained an image that appears to show the four-stage evolution of a Jew in hareidi garb, from an ape.

The image reminded many viewers of the Muslim curse againt Jews, which calls them “the descendants of pigs and apes.”

A relative of the Jewish student uploaded a photograph of the picture to his Facebook page and mused: “I wonder what would have happened at the Technion if the person depicted had been wearing a keffiyeh and not a shtreimel? This is better than Goebbels' campaigns, is it not?”

The Technion told Arutz Sheva in response: “The caricature was shown at the beginning of the week to students at the Faculty for Architecture and Urban Construction, by a female student, as part of the mid-semester presentation of projects. The Technion strongly denounces the presentation of this tasteless caricature.”

Israel's universities have turned into hotbeds of radical leftist and Arab-nationalist political activity, with anti-Zionist provocations coming in thick and fast. Barely a week has passed since Haifa University canceled a planned speech by convicted Hezbollah terrorist Mohammed Canaana, at the last moment, after Zionist students reacted furiously to the idea of allowing him to speak on so-called "Nakba Day."

In Tel Aviv University, Arab students purposely disrupted the two-minute silence for fallen IDF soldiers this year, prompting a Jewish student group to demand that they be expelled from the university. The student group, named simply “Israelis," said that the Arabs played loud music and shouted anti-Israel and anti-Semitic epithets as students stood at attention, honoring the soldiers who fell in battle for the country.

In 2012, during counterterrorism Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza, Haifa University was forced to suspend all public extracurricular activity on campus, after Arab students held a “memorial service” for Ahmed Jaabari, commander of Hamas's military terror wing who was eliminated by the IDF. The incident garnered loud criticism from many quarters, including Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, and this caused the university to restrict public activity on campus.

In 2011, Haifa University canceled a student event which planned to mark the third anniversary of the start of the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.