It's 'Draw Prophet Mohammed Day' in Toronto

Notorious anti-Islamist Eric Brazau impersonates an imam and cajoles passersby to draw Mohammed.

Dalit Halevy ,

Muslim extremists in London
Muslim extremists in London

Anti-Islamist Eric Brazau has helped turn May 20 into "the Day for Drawing the Prophet Mohammed" in Toronto. The tradition began shortly after the Danish cartoon firestorm in 2005 – when a Danish newspaper published depictions of Mohammed that led to violent protests worldwide.

The person who initiated the Candian event, Molly Norris, had to go underground because of threats against her life, but Brazau is carrying on the tradition.

According to Shalom Toronto, the latest trouble was instigated by Brazau when he dressed up as a Muslim imam in downtown Toronto and encouraged passersby to draw Mohammed with the help of an easel, a canvas, some paint and paintbrushes.

Soon, he found himself surrounded by angry, shouting Muslims.

He showed his newly gathered audience various depictions of Mohammed, including one in which Mohammed is depicted as a baby whining that his feelings were hurt. In another, Mohammed's head is seen next to a package of pork, and in a third, he is drawn next to a little girl who is his wife.

Brazau eventually had to leave the spot when police insisted that he do so.

Brazau was recently sentenced to 9 months in jail for handing out a flyer that “vilified Muslims and disparages their religion,” in the words of Ontario court Judge S. Ford Clements. On another occasion, he acted the part of a Muslim man who beats his wife in accordance with sharia law.

Brazau's exploits were blogged by Blogwrath, which carries videos of the occurences.