Meron: 300 People Treated by MDA

Medical teams still stationed in Meron to treat additional injuries after hundreds treated at crowded bonfire site.

Avi Yogev ,

Magen David Adom staff (file)
Magen David Adom staff (file)

Over 300 people were treated by Magen David Adom (MDA) medics in Meron, and five others throughout Israel, for LagBa'Omer-related injuries, the medical organization announced Sunday. 

Injuries varied from bruises and minor scrapes to dehydration and alcohol poisoning, MDA noted. Overnight, a total of fifteen people were sent to Ziv Hospital in Tzfat for further medical treatment. 

Hundreds of MDA staff and ambulance staff remain in Meron Sunday morning, on the lookout for additional injuries after Saturday night's bonfire.

A makeshift medical clinic, replete with a full staff, has been assembled in the Meron Yeshiva [Torah academy]; a second kiosk has been established near the foot of Mount Meron to handle new cases. 

Mobile intensive care units have also been stationed throughout Meron, and include paramedics, ambulances, motorcycles, and segways patrolling the area for injured revelers. A MDA helicopter is also at the ready, the organization said.