Terrorist To Be Deported Back to Israel?

Palestinian Arab woman convicted of involvement in 1969 terror attack has been in hiding in Chicago - until now.

Tova Dvorin ,

Police brutality? (illustrative)
Police brutality? (illustrative)

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, the Palestinian Arab woman who made headlines last year after being arrested in Chicago for involvement in a terror attack in Israel in 1969, has plead guilty for lying to US authorities and will likely be deported, her attorney stated Sunday.

“We are engaging in serious negotiations, which could lead to a guilty plea,” defense lawyer William Swor told The Associated Press. “If she enters a guilty plea, she will likely have to leave the country.”

Odeh was freed as part of a terrorist prisoner exchange deal by the Israeli government. She was convicted of participating in a 1969 terrorist bombing in a Jerusalem supermarket killing two people and wounding several others.

Two Hebrew University students, Leon Kaner and Edward Jaffe were killed at a Supersol supermarket. Another bomb was placed at the British Consulate but did not detonate.

The terrorist had originally been sentenced to life imprisonment in Israel in 1970, but was released just ten years later in a swap deal with the Popular Liberation Front for Palestine (PLO). Odeh lived in Jordan until 1995, then lied to US authorities to gain citizenship; she became a naturalized citizen in 2004.

She was arrested in Chicago in October; pro-Palestinian groups in Chicago have repeatedly protested her arrest as an example of the US government trying to "silence" dissent against Israel, according to the Chicago Sun-Times