Widow Recounts Details of Brutal Terror Murder

Monique Ofer, wife of Sraya Ofer Hy"d, returns to murder site for the first time; 'terrorists stood meters from me, didn't notice me.'

Netanel Katz and Tova Dvorin ,

Monique Ofer in hospital following attack
Monique Ofer in hospital following attack
Flash 90

Two Arab terrorists from Hevron approached the home of Monique and Sraya Ofer last October. Moments later, Sraya was murdered - with 44 blows from an axe. 

On Friday, Monique returned to her home - and the murder scene - for the first time, re-enacting the terror attack for Israel Hayom

Monique saw the terror murder from her kitchen window. Terrified, she fled out the front door into the darkness, and crawled for more than two hours along Route 90 - all for one purpose: to call for help and save her husband.

"I ran, fell, crawled, fell over and was injured," Monique recalls, "I dragged myself toward the gate. Broke my knee, blood flowed like water and at one point I hid behind a concrete block at the gate."

Monique, who severely injured her knee, underwent a series of surgeries and orthopedic rehabilitation and still needs crutches to walk. "The terrorists sought me in order to kill me," she said. "They killed Sraya, they stood meters away, speaking in Arabic; I saw them kill him before my eyes, but they did not notice me and left."  

Ofer was murdered with clubs and axes at his home in the community of Brosh in the Jordan Valley. He was a past commander of the elite Sayeret Shaked infantry reconnaissance unit, and was a colonel in the reserves.

An investigation later revealed that Ofer knew his murderers, who had met with him two weeks earlier. Police allegedly neglected to follow a tip about the mysterious men at the scene, which could have prevented the murder in the first place.