Illegals Found in Woman's Car Trunk

Woman with three daughters apprehended crossing checkpoint from Samaria with Arab men in car trunk.

Ari Yashar ,

Discovery of Arabs in the trunk on security c
Discovery of Arabs in the trunk on security c
Defense Ministry Facebook page

Security inspectors found a surprise in the trunk of a Tel Aviv woman's car on Saturday night. The woman, driving with her three daughters, was attempting to smuggle two Arab men from Samaria over the security fence from Judea and Samaria.

The Ministry of Defense's Facebook page reported the incident, which occurred at a security checkpoint on the security border with Samaria.

Inspectors reportedly had their suspicions aroused after seeing how the back of the car sunk, indicating weight in the trunk. The woman ignored their orders to stop and tried to cross the checkpoint, but was eventually stopped.

In addition to the woman and her three daughters, aged 23, seven and one, inspectors found the two Arab men attempting to enter Israeli territory illegally.

The woman admitted in an initial investigation that she had tried to smuggle the two men in exchange for money. The two were arrested, while the woman and her daughters were transferred to police in Ariel.

There have been numerous cases of terror attacks conducted by Arabs from Judea and Samaria who have entered Israeli territory illegally.

Last November a 16-year-old Arab terrorist who had illegally crossed the security border stabbed IDF soldier Eden Atias Hy''d of Afula as he slept on a bus.

In another similar case, terrorist Nadal Amar was convicted last Wednesday with his brother Nour Al-din for the kidnapping and murder of IDF First Sergeant Tomer Hazan Hy''d, who was handcuffed and strangled to death with his own belt by Nadal last September.

Nadal got to know Hazan while working in Israel illegally, and tricked Hazan into coming with him to his village in Samaria.