Mesika: The Fallen Command Us to Continue to Build

"Our loved ones who lie here gave us an order – to continue to live, and not to give up," Gershon Mesika told mourners in Itamar Monday.

Yosef Berger ,

Gershon Mesika (file)
Gershon Mesika (file)

In the Samaria town of Itamar, family members, relatives, community leaders, and residents held Memorial Day rememberance events for those who died while serving their country and in terror attacks. Twenty soldiers from Itamar have fallen during the course of their service, or were killed in terror attacks.

Among those attending the event were Samaria Council head Gershon Mesika, members of the Fogel family – five of whom were viciously killed in a terror attack in 2011. Also attending were members of the Zagron, Lixenberg, and Miller families – all of whom have lost members to terrorists. The event was led by Itamar Chief Rabbi Moshe Ronsky.

Speaking at the event, Mesika said that “each of the fallen is a world unto himself. Although we are here today to unite with their memory, we feel their loss every day of the year. But we must remember that we have not always been able to defend our lives. For 2000 years the world decimated us and murdered us. All the nations we were exiled to tortured us, and we were unable to do anything to defend ourselves.

“Thank G-d, we have now come home to our Land and established our state,” said Mesika. “The Jewish people can now defend itself. Our loved ones who lie here gave us an order – to continue to live, and not to give up, to raise the next generation to defend the Land as well.

“We, standing here, swear to continue in their path,” added Mesika. “We will continue to build, to develop this area, Samaria, and the Jewish people. We will not rest until the Jewish people securely lives in its land, and we will not fear