Nahal Brigade Greets its Newest 'Volunteer'

World Mizrahi President gets a firsthand look at some IDF kit, as volunteers help renovate a military base

Assaf Weis ,

Mizrahi President Kurt Rothschild
Mizrahi President Kurt Rothschild
Assaf Weiss

A special visit by the Ma'agalim Zionist youth organization took place at a training base of the IDF's Nahal Brigade, with the participation of friends and supporters of Ma'agalim from Israel and abroad.

Kurt Rothschild, President of the Worldwide Mizrahi, didn't miss the opportunity and asked to have a hands-on feeling of the various weapons and equipment used by the unit.

During the visit, Kurt Rothschild expressed his excitement and stated that this is the first time he felt from up close the fighting spirit of the soldiers and declared his wish to  volunteer and assist in any way possible.

Approximately a year ago, a special bond was formed between this  special unit of Nahal and they have been hosting students from Ma'agalim in an annual program aimed at preparing them for a meaningful and constructive army service and increasing their motivation.

As part of this cooperation and as part of Ma'agalim's leadership program, students from Kfar Saba initiated a joint project with the soldiers of this unit and took upon themselves to renovate and reorganize the army base's drill ground.

The units commanders, who  visited the project of these Kfar-Saba volunteers together with the soldiers, complemented them on a job well done.

Assaf Weiss, General Manger of Ma'agalim, complimented the spirit of volunteering of the Ma'agalim students and inaugurated the drill area, together with the unit's commander.