Terrorist Commits Suicide Under House Arrest

Arab lawyer charged with passing messages to jailed terrorists ends his life in Jerusalem home; legal outfit aided Hamas, Islamic Jihad.

Ari Yashar ,


A terrorist "lawyer" from eastern Jerusalem, who had been charged with passing messages to jailed terrorists, committed suicide in his home on Tuesday.

The "lawyer," Safadi Amjad, was on house arrest on a local court's orders when he put an end to his life.

Amjad had been charged for transferring money and messages from Hamas terrorists imprisoned in Israel to their family members.

The ersatz lawyer was one of six who were arrested in late March, after security forces busted their "legal practice" dedicated to aiding Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

The six had used their cover of a legal practice for the last three years to traffic money, pass secret messages and generally facilitate communication between terrorists in Israeli jails and operatives throughout Israel and even abroad. 

Under interrogation it was revealed that two Arab brothers and residents of Jerusalem had initially set up the "Al Quds" legal practice, and immediately began using it to transfer money to other attorneys throughout the capital.

For a fee of between 500-700 shekels per visit per prisoner, the men would facilitate the transmission of secret messages and other information to and from imprisoned terrorists, covering a variety of different topics, such as coordinating hunger-strikes and funding initiatives for Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Another group of terrorists using a cover as "lawyers" was busted in early March. The group of four, including two lawyers, were arrested in Shechem, in addition to an Arab-Israeli lawyer from the village of Baana in the Galilee.

They were charged with assisting terrorism by facilitating communications between jailed Hamas terrorists and operatives in Israel and abroad.