Survivor: I Feel Great Pride When I See the IDF

Menachem Sandovsky, a survivor from the Lodz Ghetto, relates his experiences guiding tours of the death camps in Arutz Sheva interview.

Moshe Cohen ,

Liberation from Auschwitz
Liberation from Auschwitz

Menachem Sandovsky, a survivor from the Lodz Ghetto, discussed with Arutz Sheva on Monday the importance of survivors traveling with IDF officers who toured the concentration and death camps in Poland. “When I come here with soldiers who proudly protect the homeland and each and every Jew, my pride is so great.”

Sandovsky is one of a group of survivors who accompany IDF soldiers and officers on tours of the camps. As a survivor, Sandovsky is able to present a personal side of the tragic murder of the six million. Sandovsky has been to Poland dozens of times, traveling with army groups.

“Despite my advanced age I always happily come to present my testimony,” he said.

As a survivor, Sandovsky says it would be better if more soldiers and college students would visit the camps in Poland, and that fewer high school students take the trip. Nearly all high schools in Israel provide students with the opportunity to visit the camps.

“When I tell my story to soldiers or college students they absorb what I am saying much better than high school students,” he said. “Married people also understand the story better than high school kids."

“Whenever I go to the camps with a group I feel very young,” he added.