Rouhani Claims Iran 'Not After War'

'Moderate' President Hassan Rouhani claims Iran is not looking for war, but rather for talks - but warns that it will 'resist invasion.'

Tova Dvorin ,

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed that his Islamic Republic was "not after war" on Friday, during a military parade marking the country's National Army Day.

"We are not after war, we are after logic, we are after talks," Rouhani claimed, in a speech during the event. He added that Iran "will not invade any country," even while adding it would "resist any invasion."

Rouhani, who has been hailed as a "moderate" and a reformist in the fundamentalist government in Iran, has been accused repeatedly of launching a "charm offensive" against the US and Israel to mask the country's militarism. 

Recently, Iran made special efforts to display its militarization process, conducting nuclear missile tests, holding a show of the domestic military industry, and claiming to have the "biggest army in the region."

Iran has also demanded to build 30,000 new nuclear centrifuges - allegedly for "fuel" - despite stipulations preventing such a move in P5+1 talks between Tehran and Western powers. 

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in January publicly announced the nuclear talks are merely an Islamic deceptive tactic called "taqiyya."