Shoot or Hold Back? TV Correspondents Discuss

Channel 2's diplomatic correspondent debates military correspondent over the IDF's reaction to Yitzhar.

Gil Ronen ,

Udi Segal
Udi Segal
Arutz Sheva

Channel 2 television's senior diplomatic correspondent, Udi Segal, uttered some undiplomatic comments on the station's major weekend newscast, when he opined that soldiers should have shot the Yitzhar residents who overran their outpost last week.

The first to discuss the subject was veteran military affairs correspondent, Ronny Daniel, who thought that the six soldiers who manned the outpost should at least have put up a fight when violent nationalists pushed them out.

Segal interrupted him and opined: “They simply should have shot them, like they do in Egypt or Jordan. A reservist soldier who comes out to guard the settlers of Yitzhar is not supposed to engage in a fistfight with the settlers, and the problem is the instructions [that are given to soldiers] and not the reservists. The state has turned a blind eye for years and has enabled this atmosphere.”

Segal said that Israel needs to make the residents of Yitzhar pay a “price tag” for the attack on the soldiers – either in the form of money or by removing protection from them.

Another prominent leftist, Amnon Abramovich, who serves as the newscast's lead pundit on all subjects, added that the violent settlers “are funded by the state of Israel and are embraced by the local establishment.”

He claimed that Yitzhar resident Boaz Albert does not recognize the state of Israel but rather follows a “divine mandate.”