El Al's New Promo Clip Puts New Spin on Flying

El Al releases creative new musical video in attempts to boost sales.

Rachel Benaim ,

El Al airplanes
El Al airplanes
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They’re not ready for America’s Got Talent quite yet, but El Al, Israel’s national airline, just upped its cool factor.

Earlier this month, the airline released a musical safety video to promote its low-fare UP brand.

The clip, modeled after Virgin America’s viral safety video from earlier this year, incorporates techno music, dance numbers, and comic costumes to explain standard safety regulations on the flight, such as fastening your seatbelt and not tampering with the smoke detectors in the bathroom.

While the Hebrew version is rhythmic, catchy, and clever, it’s English version could use another round of editing.

UP, the airline’s new line of discount flights to Europe, launched this November and has been working to gain popularity ever since. The airline extension provides passengers with a quick way to commute, but they charge extra for additional services such as checked baggage or seat selection.