'Free Murderers So Enemies Will Talk To Us?'

Chairman of Bnei Akiva notes that deal to free more terrorists, enact building freeze, 'would hurt our people the most.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Rabbi Haim Druckman (file)
Rabbi Haim Druckman (file)

The Chairman of Religious-Zionist youth movement Bnei Akiva, Rabbi Haim Druckman, supports Jewish Home's threat to leave the coalition government if Arab citizens of Israel were included in a possible deal to free more Arab terrorists and freeze construction.  

"Free murderers to get our enemies agree to talk to us? This is morally wrong," Rabbi Druckman stated Friday. "It is absolutely impossible to agree." 

"It is inconceivable that we should agree to the very thing that is most likely to hurt our people the most," he added. 

Rabbi Druckman also noted that despite the 'gestures' Israel made by releasing terrorists during the negotiating process, the Palestinian Authority (PA) violated the basic agreements behind the peace process by applying for legitimacy at 15 international conventions.

The rabbi also cited the appropriateness of the party - and of Israel - standing up for its basic principles in light of the upcoming Passover holiday. 

"We are on the eve of the holiday of freedom, and certainly others will not determine for us whether we can build in our country in general, and particularly in Jerusalem, our capital," Rabbi Druckman fired. "I hope Jewish Home stands firm and unambiguous on this issue. This issue, more than any others, is morally and ethically unparalleled in importance."

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett threatened to resign from the government on Thursday if Arab citizens of Israel were released in a possible agreement to trade longtime captive Jonathan Pollard for the release of hundreds of Arab terrorists. The deal would also obligate Israel to freeze construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.