Yitzhar Violence Suspects 'Will Soon Go Free'

Honenu lawyer Itamar Ben Gvir says the police have arrested the wrong people again, blames Defense Minister.

Hezki Baruch, Gil Ronen ,

Yarom's jeep after tires punctured
Yarom's jeep after tires punctured
IDF Spokesperson

Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, who represents one of the youths arrested following the attack on soldiers at Yitzhar, estimated Thursday that the arrests will not lead to legal procedures and that – as usually happens with “price tag” arrests – the suspects will go free soon.

"Once again, the Judea and Samaria police are looking under the streetlamp,” he told reporters after the arraignment. “I estimate that it will once again turn out the the police arrested the wrong people, I estimate that it will become clear in the next few days.”

"I would like to say something about the event,” he added. “Of course, I cannot justify damaging a jeep that belongs to the Regiment Commander nor overturning a soldiers' tent, but I think the people who are to blame for this story are those who send those people to evict Jews from their homes.”

"You have to try and look at things from the perspective of these youths,” Ben Gvir explained. “They are there on their hilltop, and forces come to destroy their homes time after time, and on the other side of the wadi, on the opposite hilltop, thousands of homes are being built illegally by Arabs and no one touches them. [Defense Minister Moshe] Yaalon is the one who is to blame, [Public Security] Minister Aharonovich is to blame.”

Ben Gvir said that while he cannot speak for the other suspects – his client has provided an alibi but the police “are not interested” in looking into it.