Dubai Company To Build Ferris Wheel in Jerusalem?

Proposal received for giant ferris wheel as temporary attraction for Independence Day; Councilman King slams 'money to enemy state.'

Hezki Baruch, Ari Yashar ,

Ferris wheel (illustration)
Ferris wheel (illustration)
Flash 90

A company registered in Dubai and run by a Lebanese businessman is reportedly interested in setting a giant ferris wheel in Jerusalem's Independence Park, as a temporary attraction for Independence Day, celebrated on May 6 this year.

The company, represented in Israel by an Israeli businessman, presented the proposal to the Jerusalem Municipality, in response to a publication by the Municipality calling for companies to propose tourist attractions in the park for a limited time period.

It is noted that the company, located in the Persian Gulf, has experience building large facilities worldwide, with past projects in Hong Kong, Thailand, France, Cyprus and Lebanon.

On Tuesday a Municipality committee is expected to discuss the various proposals for tourist attractions, including that Dubai-based company's offer.

Sources in the Municipality told Arutz Sheva that "following the call several offers were presented. The Municipality has yet to examine the offers, and therefore does not know the identity of those proposing them."

Not all Municipality members view the reported proposal favorably, given Dubai's dubious stance towards Israel.

"It is unacceptable that land of the Jerusalem Municipality and the money of Israeli citizens should serve enemy states," argued Councilman Aryeh King, chair of the United Jerusalem faction.

An example of this enmity was seen in late March, when Dubai's Deputy Police Commissioner Dahi Halfan demanded that former Israeli MK Azmi Bishara, a founder of the Arab party Balad, leave the Persian Gulf and return to Israel, accusing him of being involved in an "Israeli plot" to destabilize the Gulf.

Bishara fled Israel in 2007 after learning he was going to be arrested for helping Hezbollah terrorists in the 2006 Second Lebanon War to more accurately target Israeli citizens in their missile war.