'Return The 78 Freed Terrorists To Jail'

Bereaved families take down protest tent in front of Prime Minister's Residence following release cancellation; 'a weight has been lifted.'

Hezki Baruch, Ari Yashar ,

Putting away the protest tent
Putting away the protest tent
Hezki Ezra

The bereaved families of terror victims packed away the protest tent from in front of the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem on Thursday night, after the announcement that the fourth and final batch of 26 terrorist prisoners promised as a "gesture" was cancelled.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni made the announcement earlier in the night, given that the Palestinian Authority (PA) breached the terms of the peace talks by making a unilateral request to join 15 United Nations agencies on Tuesday.

Ya'akov Tovol, the father of Lior Hy''d, who was murdered in the 1990s by an Arab terrorist that was supposed to be part of the final batch of terrorist releases, noted that the announcement was a very welcome development.

"A weight has been lifted from my heart, I hope that (Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu) will hold on and not give in again to some kind of trick by (PA Chairman) Mahmoud Abbas," remarked Tovol.

Lieut. Col. (res.) Meir Indor, chairman of the Almagor organization that aids families of terror victims, and a leader of the protest movement, praised the success of the struggle. He further called for the 78 terrorists who had already been released to be returned to jail.

"We receive the government's announcement with satisfaction but also concern," Indor told Arutz Sheva. "Together with the joy on the success of the struggle, I call on the government to do what is demanded and gather all 78 Palestinians that were released, and return them to jail."

Indor added that "the Palestinians didn't stand by their conditions, and there is no reason to pay them with murderers with blood on their hands."

Chairperson of the grassroots 'My Israel' movement, Sarah Haetzni-Cohen, remarked "we are happy that the struggle succeeded, we are happy that the public spoke up. We'll continue to follow developments and update regarding the coming activities."


Packing up the protest tent Hezki Ezra