The Cycle of Life

Lillian was nearly aborted - only her father's quick thinking saved her life. Now she's giving back through Efrat.


Mother and baby
Mother and baby
Flash 90

This article is the fifth of a six-part series of testimonies from women saved by Efrat (the Committee for the Rescue of Israel's Babies) from undergoing unnecessary abortions. For Part Four see here.

"We live our lives and we don’t always pay attention to how things turn out," says Lillian.

"Forty years ago, when my mother was pregnant with me, she wanted to have an abortion. My father managed to speak to the doctor before they got there, and persuaded him to forge the gestational age and tell her that she was further along than she really was in order to convince my mother not to have an abortion. Luckily my mother took the bait and that’s basically how I was born.

"This story has followed me around all my life. Today I'm a mother of ten children, and when my mother sees my kids, she brims over with joy, and every visit she hugs me tight and we both know what her hug is really saying.

"While I was pregnant my fifth child, I contracted chicken pox for the second time in my life, which is quite rare. Two professors advised me to have an abortion because of the disease. My husband and I decided to go to a Rabbi with the diagnosis and he referred us to Dr. Schussheim. I sent him all the relevant medical documents, and that same day I received a reply that I had nothing to worry about and that everything would be fine.

"Dr. Schussheim also added that we mustn't forget to invite him to the bris. Eight months later we gave birth to a son and Dr. Schussheim was our guest of honor.

"A few years later, a friend told me about a lecture by an organization called Efrat that helps pregnant women who are in financial distress and are considering an abortion. I completely identified with the issue after what my mother had gone through, and I decided to attend. As soon as I entered, I recognized Dr. Schussheim.

"Before that evening, I had never made the connection to Efrat and I had no idea he was the head of this incredible organization. I felt like it was real divine intervention.

"The story of the abortion my mother almost had that almost took my life is with me constantly. As a volunteer for Efrat I feel I have come full circle. I am a living example that abortion is not the solution.

"My mother gave birth to me despite the difficulties, and I know she has no regrets; if anything she feels the exact opposite. When she sees the next generation, she glows with pride and satisfaction and true joy that she overcame her personal trials when she brought me into the world."