Tel Aviv Car Rental

The easiest way to travel around Israel this Pesach holiday.

Rena Dahan,

Eldan - The Best Way to Experience Israel
Eldan - The Best Way to Experience Israel

Tel Aviv Car Rental

Tourists arriving in Israel generally fly into Ben Gurion airport, which is located a few kilometers south of Tel Aviv. Before you fly you will no doubt have considered how to get from the airport to your accommodation. If you plan to spend time in Tel Aviv you can take a taxi or a train into the center, but a far more convenient option is to rent a car directly from an operator at the airport. In this way you can quickly get to your hotel, and have a ready-made form of transport at your command whenever you need it for the duration of your vacation.

At Ben Gurion airport the car rental companies’ counters can be found on the first floor in the arrival hall. Tel Aviv car rental at the airport operates 24/7 seven days a week, with rental agency staff ready to meet all incoming flight passengers. If you’ve booked your holiday during high season it’s a good idea to book your car in advance, that way you’re sure to get the car you want, since there can be a shortage of top spec cars at this time.

Plenty of people opt for Tel Aviv car rental during their stay here. While parts of Tel Aviv are great for walking tours, the city does extend out quite far with many big districts, so having a car will save you time. The north of Tel Aviv is home to the Eretz Israel Museum, Hayarkon Park and Tel Aviv University, while the center is home to the city’s main shops and tourist attractions. The south of the city is the original district and is fashionable with the younger crowd. Jaffa is the oldest part of the city, located to the south west, and home to one of the oldest ports in the world, and it certainly warrants a visit for its charming lanes, restaurants and art galleries.

A trip to the beach is easy by car

If you want to spend time on the most peaceful beaches, Tel Aviv car rental is also helpful, since, being more out of the way, they are more convenient to get to by car, plus they have parking facilities on offer.

Tel Baruch Beach is at the northernmost part of the city, and it’s one of the most unspoiled - it also has ample parking. If you have the family a car is ideal for transporting them there with all their beach gear.