Girl Takes Law Into Her Own Hands Over 200 Shekels

16-year-old makes death threats to family of alleged debtor, slashes car tires, challenges brother to a fight.

Ari Yashar ,

Police (file)
Police (file)
Flash 90

Police announced Thursday that a 16-year-old girl from the central Israeli city of Petah Tikva had embarked on a campaign of violence - issuing death threats, engaging in threatening behavior, and slashing car tires - all over 200 shekels (under $60) that another girl her age allegedly owed her.

The girl reportedly claimed that the other girl had borrowed the money from her several weeks previously in a phone call to the alleged borrower's mother. After checking with her daughter, who denied borrowing the money, the mother relayed the message to her.

The girl responded by asking the mother "isn't the life of your daughter important to you?" before hanging up. Soon thereafter the family car was found with its tires slashed.

The death threats were repeated the following day in a phone call answered by the alleged borrower's sister.

Another call came the day after as well, when the alleged borrower's brother picked up and demanded the girl pay for the damage she caused to the car.

Instead of paying for her criminal act, the girl responded by challenging the brother to a fight at a local school. She apparently waited for him vainly until calling his mother, pressing her to send her son to come fight at the location.

Given the range of threatening behavior, an investigation was opened by police in Petah Tikva, who arrested the minor. It was clarified that the girl was not part of any crime ring, but was simply a minor who took matters into her own hands over the allegedly borrowed money.