A Summer Adventure to Actualize Your Potential

How do you make the most of those long summer months?

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A summer you'll never forget
A summer you'll never forget

Summer is a time to explore and expand one's boundaries - but how do you get the best out of those summer months? Israel4Teens provides a three-week structured program to help you do precisely that. The first week and a half is spent touring Israel - a worthwhile experience, even for those who have already been to Israel. Israel4Teens takes participants to some of the most unique sites and attractions Israel has to offer.

But aside from the exciting opportunity to tour the Holy Land, applicants can choose from one of four tracks to really actualize their potential in the land of innovation:

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Do you or someone you know hope to one day build your own company? It’s never too early to get started! In Entrepreneurship & Innovation, participants will spend time at an academic institution in the heart of the Start-Up Nation, where they willl learn how to start their own company and even come out with a certificate from a leading university.

Fashion Trends & Styles

Those with an interest in fashion tend to be limited by options and the level of diversity within their own country. In Israel, Tel Aviv’s fashion industry is one of the top in the world. Fashion Trends & Styles is an ideal program for any up-and-coming fashion maven who wishes to expand their boundaries and perspectives. Participants study at Shenkar College of Design where they will learn to design their own clothes and attend fashion shows.

Hebrew Language and Volunteering

As the global community becomes ever larger and interconnected, the need for an additional language becomes more and more crucial. Participants who are interested in learning a new language, while at the same time making a positive impact on the world, should join Hebrew Language and Volunteering, where they learn Hebrew, Arabic or Farsi. Students then participate in volunteer opportunities where the language of their choice is utilized. Participants help those in need, and get more than just a language in return.

Magen Zion – Self Defense

For those who wish to spend their summer being more physically active, there is the Magen Zion program. Participants spend their summer focusing on self-defense and fitness through Krav Maga, a martial art developed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). It’s an incredible opportunity to enhance both their body and mind, while also learning vital skills in self-defense.

And Fun!

Between activities, students enjoy a campus environment that includes a swimming pool, fitness center and library, as well as the campus cafeteria where they are served three all-you-can-eat meals a day. The environment allows all of the participants, no matter which track they choose, to interact and share each other’s experiences.

With so many options to choose from, there’s no wrong decision to make. For more information, interested candidates should contact us via our online form.