Leftist Pundit Pressures Livni to 'Retire Now'

Commentator Raviv Druker tells justice minister Tzipi Livni she is ineffective and should quit before making a total mockery of herself.

Ari Yashar ,

Tzipi Livni
Tzipi Livni
Flash 90

Justice Minister and Hatnua Chairwoman Tzipi Livni has no impact on the government and needs to retire, according to left-leaning senior political commentator Raviv Druker.

"Hello Tzipi Livni. Here's some advice no one around you is giving you -- retire!" said Druker during his show "Hamakor" on Channel 10. "Retire when you are just starting to make a mockery of yourself, because in the end you'll turn into Shaul Mofaz."

Mofaz, Chairman of Kadima, only managed two seats in the last elections, after the party held 28 in the previous Knesset, making it the largest at the time.

The controversial Enlistment Law, Referendum Law and Governance Law all passed last week, with Livni reportedly supporting the legislation in order to ensure support for her party's own controversial bill to change the laws on Jewish conversion. Druker apparently does not see this as a successful trade-off.

"You led your entire party to vote for three laws that you oppose," he argued. "Everyone in the coalition received something -- you got nothing!" Noting the argument that Livni was appointed in charge of the peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA), Druker said those making that argument "can't contain their laughter."

The commentator charged Livni hasn't sat in negotiations with the PA in months, meaning "there are no negotiations."

"Don't become like Peres or Barak, blame Netanyahu"

The Israeli left wing is unhappy with leftists who enter Likud-led governments and would rather see them in the opposition, helping to topple them. Druker compared Livni to former Labor leaders Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak, who joined governments led by Ariel Sharon and Binyamin Netanyahu, respectively. 

"I am not deceiving myself into thinking you'll receive my advice," Druker added, addressing Livni. "It's very tempting in the place you are in, to think like Shimon Peres or Ehud Barak, to convince yourself that it will be so much worse if you weren't there."

However, such thoughts were "nonsense," charged Druker. "From Peres's term, people remember (former Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon. From Barak's years they remember (Prime Minister Binyamin) Netanyahu." Resorting to the harsh invective favored by leftist commentators, he adds: "Of you, they'll only remember that you effectively gave a hand to the sodomy committed by Netanyahu againt the peace talks."

Arguing for Livni's stepping down, Druker said she should become "state witness" against "those who are responsible for missing the peace talks with the best Palestinian partner we've ever had, at the most strategic and convenient time for Israel ever."

Druker's "best partner" is apparently none other than PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Last Wednesday, a senior PA official and close confidante of Abbas on PA TV called Israelis "an advanced instrument of evil," claiming "Allah will gather them so that we can kill them."