Child ‘Commander’ to Police, ‘Deal with Bad Guys’

Children ‘take over’ top police command in Purim swap, order officers to deal with ‘bad guys.’

Maayana Miskin ,

Child at 'police command' meeting
Child at 'police command' meeting
Israel news photo: Israel Police

The top command of the Israel Police was "handed over" to young children Monday in a swap in honor of the Purim holiday.

One of the most notable Purim traditions is the custom to wear fancy dress, with police uniforms among the more popular for elementary school-age boys.

In a gesture of Purim goodwill, the children of Israeli police officers were given the opportunity to play at being the top police command.

The place of Chief of Police was taken by seven-year-old Ron Rosen.

Rosen and his young co-commanders opened their meeting by sending police officers a message to “take care of the bad guys.”

The real Chief of Police, Yohanan Danino, was present at the event. He welcomed the young participants and gave them all Purim gifts (mishloach manot).

A Purim party was held afterward for officers’ children.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the families who support police officers all year long,” Danino announced. “It is thanks to you that police can do their work so well.”

He added, “To all the police officers, you have my heartfelt gratitude for your hard work and for the service you provide for Israel’s citizens year-round. Happy holidays to everyone.”