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At Arutz Sheva, we feel like spreading a little Purim joy...

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Reading the Scroll of Esther
Reading the Scroll of Esther
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Tonight (tomorrow night for Jerusalem) marks the start of Purim - the festival which commemorates the thwarting of an attempted genocide by Haman, the viceroy of the Persian empire, against the Jewish people.

The most joyous day of the Jewish calendar, Purim (which most scholars agree took place during the 5th century BCE) is commemorated in a number of ways, including the handing out of gifts, generous donations to charity and reading the Scroll of Esther (Megillat Esther in Hebrew), which tells the story of Purim and is named after the Jewish heroine and queen of Persia who helped turn Haman's plot on its head. Not only were the Jews saved from tragedy, but they successfully fought back against their oppressors in every province of the empire.

One of the most well-known Purim traditions is the custom to wear fancy dress - a way of commemorating God's "hidden hand" in the seemingly unrelated chain of events which came together to foil Haman's plot and see him ultimately replaced by the Jews' leader, Mordechai.

To spread the Purim spirit, Arutz Sheva will be displaying a selection of our readers' weird and wonderful costumes from across the world - and offering you a chance to win a great prize!

Send a picture of your Purim costume (together with an explanation if necessary) to

The top ten costumes will be announced after Purim - and the best one will receive a Tablet!

Happy Purim!

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