Fury in Jewish Home as MK Opposes Enlistment Bill

Jewish Home MKs say Chetboun’s decision to vote against Enlistment Bill will have ‘serious consequences.’

Maayana Miskin ,

Chetboun with fellow Jewish Home MKs
Chetboun with fellow Jewish Home MKs
Israel news photo: Flash 90

MK Yoni Chetboun’s decision to vote against the Enlistment Bill will have “serious consequences,” members of the Jewish Home party warned Tuesday.

Chetboun (Jewish Home) made the surprise declaration Tuesday that he will vote against the bill. In doing so, he will break his commitment to the Coalition, which has agreed to push through three controversial bills together.

He argued that the bill was “born in sin” as part of a wave of anti-religious legislation. Chetboun had previously expressed pride in creating “holes” in the proposed law.

A statement from the Jewish Home faction said that Chetboun agreed to vote in favor of the bill just one day earlier. “The Jewish Home decided yesterday in a faction vote to support the Enlistment Bill and the National Referendum Bill, and MK Chetboun supported that decision too,” according to the statement.

“Any vote against the faction is immoral, anti-social and inappropriate,” it continued, adding, “The Jewish Home faction will not tolerate a blow to the party and its members. This will have serious consequences.”

Sources with ties to the party informed Arutz Sheva that if Chetboun follows through on his plan to vote against the bill, the Jewish Home is expected to force him out of all official Knesset roles, including his position as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset.

They accused Chetboun of “undermining the hesder yeshivas and the National Referendum law just because he wants to make headlines.” and called on him to retract his statement.