Arab MKs Attack Security Representatives

Terror victims group slams Arab MK attacks in Knesset debate on airport security, warns that groups are weakening security.

Ari Yashar ,

Arab MK Ahmed Tibi in committee debate (file)
Arab MK Ahmed Tibi in committee debate (file)
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Meir Indor, Chairman of the Almagor organization representing terror victims, described a Knesset committee debate Tuesday as "a hazing of security force members by Arab MKs."

The "hazing" occurred during the discussion of the Public Complaints Committee, chaired by MK Adi Kol (Yesh Atid), which centered on the topic of security checks at airports. Arab MKs claimed Arab citizens of Israel are disproportionately targeted for security checks.

Indor told Arutz Sheva that the debate, which bordered on verbal violence at several junctures, was punctuated by Arab MKs shouting and attacking representatives of the security forces, preventing them from responding.

When the legal adviser of the Airport Authority managed to get a word in, in the process raising his voice slightly, he was threatened that a complaint would be submitted against him, reports Indor, emphasizing "it was a hazing."

At the end of the discussion, Kol decided the Arab MKs would hold a demonstration for airport security guards to "demonstrate the feelings" of those undergoing focused checks. Indor mentioned that during the discussion, airport representatives reported that such lectures are already being conducted.

Reasons for 'discrimination'

Indor himself got involved in the debate, speaking out for the security forces specifically as someone not associated with them, and therefore able to freely express his opinion. For example, he argued that there is certainly a need to target Arab passengers at airport security checks, in contrast to the tone of the debate.

Historical truth teaches there have been numerous attacks and attempted attacks by Israeli-Arabs on public transportation, thereby justifying heightened security alertness concerning them, whereas Jewish passengers have not been behind such attacks, according to Indor.

Indeed, a survey last June found 58% of Israeli-Arabs support an intifada violent uprising against Israel, while 70% do not accept Israel's right to maintain a Jewish majority.

Indor argued that leftist organizations and lawyers have been revealed as using Knesset committees to push the rights of the individual in an attempt to weaken the security needs of Israelis.

"There is a web of organizations whose role is to melt Israel's ability to defend itself," said Indor at the debate. When asked by Kol if he intended to accuse the leftist groups of supporting terror, Indor responded that even if that wasn't their goal, the result of their actions is certainly support for terror.

Indor noted "when you unjustly criticize security sources, in the end that allows the smuggling of weapons and bombs. The awareness of those guarding the entrance (to the country) goes down from this endless pressure."

Fighting back, volunteering to turn the tide of committee debates

The discussion also revealed that a group of "VIP" Arabs are not subject to the intense security checks, reports Indor. This group of Arab passengers includes journalists and others. Indor noted that former Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Yasser Arafat was also given the VIP status, which he used to smuggle weapons and terrorists. Indor made clear he was not accusing the Arab journalists of similar intentions.

"While the Jewish MKs are quarreling over the (hareidi) enlistment law, they're doing things here to harm the security of the country," warned Indor.

He called on all those interested in joining the effort to expose the damaging discussions to contact his group Almagor, where they would be directed by legal experts and politicians to prepare them for taking part in committee discussions.

Not the first case of Arab MK misbehavior

The debate on Wednesday was not the first example of Arab MKs turning a committee discussion into a circus. Arab MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) was let off with a warning for his antics last November, when he verbally attacked other MKs and even tried to push them out of a committee discussion.

The accusations against the state are also not new; just this week MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) accused Akko of not renovating a destroyed house as part of a plan to expel the city's Arab residents.